Come Try Polocrosse!

Come out and give Polocrosse a try on July 16th at the Pinehurst Harness Track! Learn how to catch and throw on the ground, followed by a mounted demonstration and the option to try it out on a horse. Experienced players will be available to guide you through the basics and rules of the game.
Bring your own horse – any horse will do – or take one of ours for a spin if you’ve ridden before.
Participants are asked to pay a $5 day fee to be covered by club insurance. Light refreshments will be provided. Helmets and appropriate footwear are required while mounted. A release must be signed prior to riding at this event.

2022 Polocrosse in the Pines Results!

E Division:
1st: Mix (Joe McDonald, Kenn Bunn, Hudson Wix)
2nd: TVPC (David Reiber, Sophia Reiber, Maddie Hostler)
3rd: Heartland (Karen Childers, Kate, Childers, Jennifer Carpenter)
Best #1: Hudson Wix
Best #2: Sophia Reiber
Best #3: Joe McDonald
Best Horse: Opie (Hudson Wix)
D Division:
1st: Sugar Creek (Matt Gaiter, John Gaiter, Eli Wilson, Richard Broadhurst, Janet Broadhurst, Richard Balogh)
2nd: Mix (Ashley Tabor, Cameron Moore, Gordon Talk, Carli Hall, Kylie Ferrentino, Bailey Treadwell)
3rd: Bay Area (Savannah Dobbins, Mia Lavorgna, Sabrina Dobbins, Kaitlyn Roberson, Jaime Moczydlowski, Taylor Youngblood)
Best #1: Carli Hall
Best #2: Savannah Dobbins
Best #3: Ashley Tabor
Best Horse: Bee (Carli Hall)
C Division:
1st: TVPC (Madison Butler, Jack Underwood, Brauch Treadwell)
2nd: Mix (Anthony Lynch, Rebekah Frye, Haley Culpepper)
3rd: Sugarloaf Black (Riley Wight, Ashby Hatcher, Alexander Broadhurst)
Best #1: Anthony Lynch
Best #2: Riley Wight
Best #3: Alexandra Broadhurst
Best Horse: Reada (Anthony Lynch)
B Division:
1st: Sandie Creek (Kaylee Camp, Daniel Wix, Joe Guzman)
2nd: Sugarloaf (Sarah Broadhurst, Jon Broadhurst, Peter Balogh)
3rd: Mix (Jr Carpenter, Summer Weldon, Sara Cifelli)
Best #1: Kaylee Camp
Best #2: Joe Guzman
Best #3: Sara Cifelli
Best Horse: Joker (Kaylee Camp)
A Division:
1st: TVPC (Braxton Hamlin, Houston Hutcherson, Sloan Hamlin)
2nd: Sarah Desai, Rahul Desai, Kat Liner)
3rd: Mix (Evan Vallee, Emma Strider, Aubrey Shuttles)
Best #1: Braxton Hamlin
Best #2: Sloan Hamlin
Best #3: Houston Hutcherson
Best Horse: Special (Rahul Desai)
Triple Crown Overall Champion Horse: Special (Rahul Desai)
Thoroughbred Incentive Program Awards:
Junior Division: Phyllis (Ella Lavorgna)
Senior Division: Rani (Sabrina Dobbins)
Australian Stock Horse Society Awards:
B Division: Commander (Summer Weldon)
A Division: Yahoo Papparazzi, “Zi” (Sarah Desai)
Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our tournament, and an extra massive thank you to everyone who volunteered in the many roles and jobs (fields, tents, meals, scoring, time keeping, goal tending, umpiring, announcing, silent auction, cleanup, explaining the game to our many spectators that came out…..the list goes on and on and you are all very much appreciated!

Pizza Social and Practice February 20th!

We are planning to combine practice followed by a Pizza Social! (Bring your own drinks.) People are welcome to come practice/watch or just come to the social to meet up!
Practice will be at February 20th at 1pm at the Pinehurst Harness Track – please arrive early for some on foot racquet warmup – mounted starts promptly at 1pm. The Pizza Social will follow at 2:30.
If we need to cancel the practice because of rain, we will move the social to the Liners’ farm in Southern Pines starting at 1pm.
Bring chairs!

Polocrosse in the Pines 2017 Tournament Results!

Below are the results from the 2017 Polocrosse in the Pines Tournament –
A Grade was a scramble division to help prepare the squad team traveling to South Africa this month
Best Woman Player Sarah Desai
Best Man Player Rob Shuttles
Best Horse Special (CPC)
B Grade:
First Place Carolina Polocrosse
Second Place: Sandie Creek/TVPC Mix
Best Player : Crawford Liner
Best Horse: Andre (SC)
C Grade:
First Place Tennessee Valley Polocrosse
Second Place Bay Area
Best Player Justin Layne
Best Horse Erica (TVPC)
D Grade:
First Place Sandie Mix
Second Place Heartland/Heart of Dixie Mix
Best Player Grace Strosnider
Best Horse Karma (SMPC)
Master Division:
First Place Charlie Horse
Second Place EZ Mix
Best Woman Player Deb Zito
Best Man Player Richard Balogh
Best Horse Bernadine (CPC)
Congratulations to the following Juniors for winning the Junior Sportsmanship Award sponsored by Polocrosse Gear:
B Grade Erin Strider (SMPC)
C Grade Elizabeth Walker (TVPC)
D Grade Anthony Kosling (CPC)

Charlie Horse Tournament Recap 2017

CPC kicked off the 2017 polocrosse season with the first tournament in Summerfield, FL at the Charlie Horse Spring Classic.   We had members in A grade, B grade, C grade and ladies!  Everyone played very well.  Rahul Desai was on the First place A grade team and awarded Best Player.  Kate Lahr, Kat Liner and Sarah Desai were on the 3rd place A grade team.  Evan and Paige Vallee were on the 4th place A grade team. Sarah Desai’s horse, Special, was awarded Best Horse in A grade.  Crawford Liner and Sara Cifelli joined with Alex Harvey to win B grade.  Ally Kimbrough was awarded Best Player in B grade!  Kate Lahr doubled up to fill a spot on the winning C grade team.  Anthony Lynch, John Church and Hailey Church competed in C grade with some new horses.  Ceci Liner and J-lo tore it up in ladies division!  Great job everyone!

Northwest Observer Article and Beginner Clinics

Carolina Polocrosse was thrilled to  be featured in an article in the Northwest Observer earlier this month to help promote our Greensboro area beginner clinic on March 4th.  You can read the entire article here.
The clinic was an incredible success with over 60 people in attendance, including both club members and new riders coming to try out the sport. There will be a second free beginner clinic at the Pinehurst Harness Track on Sunday, April 2nd. With luck, there will be a large group of new players there as well!


APA Nationals 2016!

A little recap of this season’s final tournament!
Peggy Ferebee competed on a mix section in the Ladies division and faced some tough competition. Although they didn’t win their games, Peggy enjoyed playing in this division and enjoyed catching up with old friends while making new ones.
Our C grade team exceeded expectations and almost snuck away with a 1st place win. They played very well despite having some mishaps including horses going out as late as the night before the tournament began. Unfortunately, they had 1 bad game and it just happened to be against the team that they needed to beat in order to take 1st. Despite this, as a team they gelled well and really put on a show. Congrats on bringing home the silver. Ally Kimbrough also came away with best #1 for the division and Manny Diemer came away with best #2 for the division – congrats Ally and Manny!
Andrew Diemer and Sara Cifelli played on a mixed B division team and they rocked all weekend. This team played as if they had played together several times and really showed great teamwork. They had an intense final that was thrilling to watch and at the end, they ended up taking 1st place! Andrew Diemer also came away with best #2 for the division – congrats Andrew! Way to go guys!
Our A grade team played in some seriously tough competition and had some very close games. Being a young team with limited practice certainly affected the way the team played, but we gave it our best shot. We had our 2 toughest games on Friday and despite a comedy of errors in the 1st game, only ended up going down by 2 goals. The 2nd game was also a close one that ended in a 5 – 6 goal deficit. This put us in the 3rd / 4th place final in which we came out victorious by 3 – 4 goals. I think all 6 players were a bit disappointed as we feel that we could h ave done much better and left a lot of plays out on the field, causing us to miss a spot in the finals. At the end of the day, everyone had a blast and it was fun to play against such good competition. Rahul Desai came away with best # 1 for the division and Special came away with best horse for the division.
Rahul Desai was also awarded the “Umpire of the Year” award.
The “Boxter Memorial Trophy” for 2016 was awarded to “Pucho” who belonged to Steph and Billy Shuttles.
A big shoutout goes to Kate Lahr who made all of the club rosette’s for the weekend and to Paige Vallee who organized getting all of the ribbon and made a lot of of the browbands for the weekend. Thanks to their efforts, CPC looked pretty sharp while playing. Please see the attached photo which was taken during the parade of colors.
And as an extra bonus – the USA Polocrosse 2019 World Cup long list was reviewed and updated after the nationals, and CPC is proud to have all 6 members who represented our A grade side be named to the list…way to go guys!

Eastern Zone Championships 2015 Results!

Well it was a very wet weekend for Eastern Zone Championships but everyone played safe and had a good time despite mother nature. Thank you again everyone who helped make EZ another successful tournament!
Here are your results!
Ladies Division:
First Place Donna Ellis, Sarah Dansission, Julie Davis
Second Place: TJ Watson, Mel Watson, Michelle Morring
Third Place: Deb Zito, Peggy Ferebee, Sharon Stroh
Best Player: Donna Ellis
Best Horse: Leo
E Grade:
First Place: Carolina
Second Place: Sugarloaf
Third Place: Heartland
Best #1 Paul Schnatz, Best #2 Ella Lavorgna, Best #3 Jenna Taylor
Best Horse: Snickers
D Grade:
First Place: Bay Area
Second Place: D Mix
Third Place: Carolina
Best #1 Madison Church, Best #2 Bennett (Zambia), Best #3 Tyler Webb
Best Horse: Pilar
C Grade:
First Place: Carolina
Second Place: Sugarloaf
Third Place: Heartland
Best #1 Erin Strider, Best #2 John Church, Best #3 Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Aspen
B Grade:
First Place: Sandie Creek/Charlie Horse
Second Place: Carolina/Bay Area Mix
Third Place: Sugarloaf
Best #1 Kaylee Camp, Best #2 Julie Dault, Best #3 Kate Lahr
Best Horse: Waylon
A Grade:
First Place: Tennessee Valley/Bay Mix
Second Place: Carolina
Third Place: Sugarloaf
Best #1 Braxton Hamlin, Best #2 Sarah Desai, Best #3 Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Special