The Carolina Polocrosse Club is a perennial powerhouse in the American Polocrosse Association and one of the largest Polocrosse clubs in the country. We have players and coaches with experience at the top levels of international play who help to teach and coach other club members, including first-timers. We promote a fun, yet competitive, atmosphere. Many of our members bring their whole family to club events, and we routinely have teams where siblings or parents and children are playing side-by-side.

The club generally has practice two weekend days a month and hosts two major tournaments and a clinic or summer camp each year. The Pinehurst Harness Track on NC-5 is our home field and most events are held there. CPC also fields teams for eight to ten APA tournaments each year, traveling to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

Club members also compete in the international arena. In the past two years, CPC players have earned coveted spots on the USA World Cup polocrosse team, the APA 16 & Under team, and the US Pony Club squad, participating in the highest levels of international competition. They have also participated in international exchanges and test matches in Australia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and hosted teams from other nations here in the US.

The Carolina Polocrosse Club welcomes new members of any level. Stop by a practice, come to a tournament or use the “contact us” page, and we’ll give you the information that you need to get started in polocrosse.


Polocrosse is a ball sport played on a horse with a racket similar to a lacrosse stick and a large soft rubber ball. Players play in teams of six with three players on the field at any one time. Each set of three players are called a section. The first section plays for a chukka of either six or eight minutes and then swap with the second section. The second section plays for their six or eight minute chukka and then the first section comes back on.

At the highest levels of polocrosse the teams are divided into a men’s section and a women’s section although most tournaments play with an “open” format where teams can have any mixture of men and women.

Polocrosse games are usually held at tournaments which last either one or two days and have each team play several other teams, with a winner being declared at the end of the last day. They are held all over the country although polocrosse is centered on the East Coast between Florida and New York, in Texas, in Colorado and in Washington State. Players from Carolina Polocrosse Club have traveled all over the country and all over the world playing for their club and country!