2022 Polocrosse in the Pines Results!

E Division:
1st: Mix (Joe McDonald, Kenn Bunn, Hudson Wix)
2nd: TVPC (David Reiber, Sophia Reiber, Maddie Hostler)
3rd: Heartland (Karen Childers, Kate, Childers, Jennifer Carpenter)
Best #1: Hudson Wix
Best #2: Sophia Reiber
Best #3: Joe McDonald
Best Horse: Opie (Hudson Wix)
D Division:
1st: Sugar Creek (Matt Gaiter, John Gaiter, Eli Wilson, Richard Broadhurst, Janet Broadhurst, Richard Balogh)
2nd: Mix (Ashley Tabor, Cameron Moore, Gordon Talk, Carli Hall, Kylie Ferrentino, Bailey Treadwell)
3rd: Bay Area (Savannah Dobbins, Mia Lavorgna, Sabrina Dobbins, Kaitlyn Roberson, Jaime Moczydlowski, Taylor Youngblood)
Best #1: Carli Hall
Best #2: Savannah Dobbins
Best #3: Ashley Tabor
Best Horse: Bee (Carli Hall)
C Division:
1st: TVPC (Madison Butler, Jack Underwood, Brauch Treadwell)
2nd: Mix (Anthony Lynch, Rebekah Frye, Haley Culpepper)
3rd: Sugarloaf Black (Riley Wight, Ashby Hatcher, Alexander Broadhurst)
Best #1: Anthony Lynch
Best #2: Riley Wight
Best #3: Alexandra Broadhurst
Best Horse: Reada (Anthony Lynch)
B Division:
1st: Sandie Creek (Kaylee Camp, Daniel Wix, Joe Guzman)
2nd: Sugarloaf (Sarah Broadhurst, Jon Broadhurst, Peter Balogh)
3rd: Mix (Jr Carpenter, Summer Weldon, Sara Cifelli)
Best #1: Kaylee Camp
Best #2: Joe Guzman
Best #3: Sara Cifelli
Best Horse: Joker (Kaylee Camp)
A Division:
1st: TVPC (Braxton Hamlin, Houston Hutcherson, Sloan Hamlin)
2nd: Sarah Desai, Rahul Desai, Kat Liner)
3rd: Mix (Evan Vallee, Emma Strider, Aubrey Shuttles)
Best #1: Braxton Hamlin
Best #2: Sloan Hamlin
Best #3: Houston Hutcherson
Best Horse: Special (Rahul Desai)
Triple Crown Overall Champion Horse: Special (Rahul Desai)
Thoroughbred Incentive Program Awards:
Junior Division: Phyllis (Ella Lavorgna)
Senior Division: Rani (Sabrina Dobbins)
Australian Stock Horse Society Awards:
B Division: Commander (Summer Weldon)
A Division: Yahoo Papparazzi, “Zi” (Sarah Desai)
Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our tournament, and an extra massive thank you to everyone who volunteered in the many roles and jobs (fields, tents, meals, scoring, time keeping, goal tending, umpiring, announcing, silent auction, cleanup, explaining the game to our many spectators that came out…..the list goes on and on and you are all very much appreciated!