Eastern Zone Championships 2015 Results!

Well it was a very wet weekend for Eastern Zone Championships but everyone played safe and had a good time despite mother nature. Thank you again everyone who helped make EZ another successful tournament!
Here are your results!
Ladies Division:
First Place Donna Ellis, Sarah Dansission, Julie Davis
Second Place: TJ Watson, Mel Watson, Michelle Morring
Third Place: Deb Zito, Peggy Ferebee, Sharon Stroh
Best Player: Donna Ellis
Best Horse: Leo
E Grade:
First Place: Carolina
Second Place: Sugarloaf
Third Place: Heartland
Best #1 Paul Schnatz, Best #2 Ella Lavorgna, Best #3 Jenna Taylor
Best Horse: Snickers
D Grade:
First Place: Bay Area
Second Place: D Mix
Third Place: Carolina
Best #1 Madison Church, Best #2 Bennett (Zambia), Best #3 Tyler Webb
Best Horse: Pilar
C Grade:
First Place: Carolina
Second Place: Sugarloaf
Third Place: Heartland
Best #1 Erin Strider, Best #2 John Church, Best #3 Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Aspen
B Grade:
First Place: Sandie Creek/Charlie Horse
Second Place: Carolina/Bay Area Mix
Third Place: Sugarloaf
Best #1 Kaylee Camp, Best #2 Julie Dault, Best #3 Kate Lahr
Best Horse: Waylon
A Grade:
First Place: Tennessee Valley/Bay Mix
Second Place: Carolina
Third Place: Sugarloaf
Best #1 Braxton Hamlin, Best #2 Sarah Desai, Best #3 Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Special

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