Emi Briggs

Age – 15
Hometown – Vass, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing  – 4 
Horses – Sampson
Favorite part about the sport – The team work



Age – 26
Hometown – Wagram, NC (originally Pennington, NJ)
Occupation – Marketing Director
Years playing – 13
Horses – Fendi (TB) and Ziva (Grade)
Favorite part about the sport – It is incredibly competitive on the field, yet everyone is still one big family after the game is over!
Fun Fact – I used to have to  play against CPC every weekend and figured, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Rahul Desai – Head Coach

Age – 29
Hometown – Greensboro, NC
Occupation – Physician Assistant
Years playing – ~ 15
Horses – Keystone Specialist, Keystone Madalyn, Yahoo Papparazi, Mopane
Favorite part about the sport – How family oriented it is along with bringing in new horses from start to finish while building an important relationship with them. 
Fun Fact! – I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Gweru, Zimbabwe.  I’m now a proud US citizen who is fortunate to be living in America, but my roots will always be Zimbabwean!

Sarah Desai – President

Hometown – Summerfield, North Carolina Occupation – Physician Assistant
Years playing – 18 ish
Horses – Yahoo Paparazzi, Keystone Specialist, keystone Madalyn and Mopane

“I was at the USPC Festival in 1999 when some guys with funny accents called some of us over to show us this sport called polocrosse.  I was an eventer but thought hey this looks interesting!  My friend Sara and I bought rackets much to our parents dislike…since the last thing we needed was another weekend activity involving a horse.  We brought the sport, what little we knew about it, back to North Carolina where others started to pick it up.  I was very busy with my show schedule and did not participate heavily in polocrosse until about 2002 when I decided to transition one of my event horses over to polocrosse.  I played my first A grade tournament in 2002 with the help of two other players with much more experience then me.  After that I began to play more regularly and been a part of polocrosse ever since.  I was the president and tournament organizer for many years for Carolina Polocrosse Club.  After taking several years off to get my masters I returned and became president of CPC once more.  I have played A grade for 10+ years and have had to honor of owning/riding/training some of the best horses in our club for many years.  I met my husband playing polocrosse and he is now the club Coach.

Outside of polocrosse I am a graduate A pony clubber.  I evented through Preliminary.  I currently compete at third level with my dressage horse as well as showing a large pony in the dressage.  I break and train all my own horses with the help of my husband.”


Age – 26
Hometown – Raeford, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing – 18
Horses – Keystone Silhouette (Stella)
Favorite part about the sport – Playing abroad
Fun Fact! – Won a belt buckle with only one foot

Manny Diemer

Age – Old enough
Hometown – Raeford, North Carolina
Occupation – He’s from the government and he’s here to help you.
Years Playing – 19 years (since 1998)
Horse – Pancha
Favorite part about the sport  – Teamwork 
Fun fact! – English is his second language. Founding member of CPC.


Age – 61
Hometown – Glen Mills, PA /Vass, NC
Occupation – Advertising Designer and Marketing Director
Years playing – 12 years
Horses – Bernadine and North
Favorite part about the sport – the awesome competition that gets left on the field and the great “family”
Fun Fact! – I got left behind with Ceci Liner in Pouto NZ on the night of the big party! Thanks kids for not remembering us! LOL!


Age – 31
Hometown – Glen Mills, PA
Occupation – Advertising Design
Years playing – 19
Horses – None!
Favorite part about the sport – The friendships I have made with people across the country and around the world.
Fun Fact! – My first polocrosse horse was a 17.1h appaloosa who was trained mainly for dressage. Don’t know how I reached the ground…

Peggy Ferebee

Age – 67
Hometown – Summerfield, NC
Occupation – Gleefully retired (was a zoo curator)
Years playing – Long enough I should be a lot better.  Think since the 2000s
Horses – Flame and Tilly, formerly Inspector Clouseau
Favorite part about the sport – the fellowship
Fun Fact! – Everything I think of will embarrass my family.


Age – 29
Hometown – Flemington, NJ
Occupation – Veterinary technician
Years playing – 9
Horses – Pancha and Dude
Favorite part about the sport – Playing the #2!
Fun Fact! – I could not survive in a world without Diet Coke.

Ally Kimbrough

Age – 16
Hometown – Summerfield, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing – 3
Horses – Rogue, Flash
Favorite part about the sport – “I love playing polocrosse because it’s so much fun!”

Kate Lahr

Age – 20
Hometown – Carthage, NC
Occupation – Student at North Carolina State University
Years playing – 6
Horses – Pearl, New Girl
Favorite part about the sport – I love everything polocrosse has to offer both on and off the field.
Fun Fact! – I have been playing with the same racquet all six years! It’s pretty beaten up but I can’t seem to part with it. When it finally reaches its demise I hope it’s due to something pretty epic.

Michele Lahr

Wade Liner

Age – Just right
Hometown – Whispering Pines, NC
Occupation – Insulation Contractor and APA President
Years playing – 7
Horse – Lilly, Guacamole
Favorite part about the sport – the family and camaraderie
Fun fact! – We fox hunt the polocrosse horses to help keep them fit.

Kat Liner

Age – 17
Hometown – Pinehurst, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing – 10
Horses – Keystone Playmate, Keystone Radiant Star
Favorite part about the sport – Getting to travel to new places and meeting people
Fun Fact! – I’ve caught 5 shots on goal.

Crawford Liner

Age – 20
Hometown – Whispering Pines, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing – 8
Horses – Guacamole
Favorite part about the sport – Unloading other players
Fun Fact! – Tallest APA member at 6’8”

Ceci Liner

Age – 51
Hometown – Whispering Pines, NC
Occupation – Teacher
Years playing – 5
Horses – J-Lo
Favorite part about the sport – all family members can play
Fun Fact! – love to foxhunt !

Anthony Lynch

Age – Almost 16
Hometown – Lillington, NC
Occupation – Student
Years playing – 3 going on 4
Horses – Armani,Roger,Tsunami,Roscoe 
Favorite part about the sport – How much adrenaline you get and how nice people are.

Paul Schnatz

Age – 58
Hometown – West Chester, PA
Years playing – 10
Occupation – Information Technology, Server Administration
Horse – Flynn
Favorite part of the game – the camaraderie
Fun fact – the first time I ever rode a horse was a very well-trained, experienced trail pony in the Poconos. Well-trained because when the guides said “YeeHaw”, my very big “pony” took off like he was supposed to, right behind the horse in front of me. I swore I’d never ride again. The next time was for Polocrosse.